imagination necessary

[quoting Lakoff and Johnson] "truth is mediated by embodied understanding and imagination." p. 149

"[James] illuminates the difference between two approaches to knowledge or understanding, those of the two hemispheres
[...] Dewey was also dissatisfied with the idea that knowledge was a passive process, whereby clear and certain truths were ‘out there’ to be accessed by a process in which the human mind and imagination did not have to play an active part." p. 142

"Another way of looking at it is that in the process of completing, or attempting to complete, through imagination the fragmentary impression," p. 369

"Objectivity requires interpretation of what one finds, depends on imagination for its achievement" p. 166

"One might contrast [boredom] with the view of vitality, as the Romantics would come to see it, as the result of imagination bringing something into being between ourselves and whatever it is that exists ‘out there’" p. 336


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