kennen, distinguished from wissen

"kennen can be applied to a lot more than our acquaintances. This kind of knowing may help us to understand, rather than simply to amass information about, a host of things in the world
[...] knowing a piece of music, like knowing other works of art, is a matter of kennenlernen" p. 96

"To know (in the sense of kennen) something is never fully to know it (in the sense of wissen<) at all, since it will remain for ever changing, evolving, revealing further aspects of itself – in this sense always new, though familiar (familiarity), in the original sense of coming to belong among our chosen ones, those with whom we stand in close relation, our familia (in Latin literally our ‘household’). To know (in the sense of wissen) is to pin something down so that it is repeatable and repeated, so that it becomes familiar in the other sense: routine, inauthentic, lacking the spark of life." p. 94-7

See connection with knowledge