relationship to language:

"language’s role is in giving command over the world [...] Naming things gives us power over them, so that we can use them [...] And category formation provides clearer boundaries to the landscape of the world, giving a certain view of it greater solidity and permanence" p. 114

"We make sense of the world, form categories and concepts, weigh and evaluate evidence, make decisions and solve problems, all without language, and without even being consciously aware of the process." p. 107f

"language is necessary neither for categorisation, nor for reasoning, nor for concept formation, nor perception: it does not itself bring the landscape of the world in which we live into being. What it does, rather, is shape that landscape by fixing the ‘counties’ into which we divide it, defining which categories or types of entities we see there – how we carve it up." p. 110


See 2 connection with Oriental culture